Digital Safety & Citizenship

Digital safety and citizenship are important aspects of our students lives at school and at home. While we’ve all become accustomed to the many perks and conveniences that technology provides, the increased connectivity can come with challenges, especially for children and teens. Digital Citizenship Icon
Teaching digital safety and citizenship is a crucial component of today’s classroom, but home will always be the foundation of any child’s learning, and healthy online habits are no different. Technology moves fast, and staying ahead of the curve can be a challenge in itself.
We ask that our parents partner with us to have meaningful discussions with your children about these topics and frequently check student personal communication devices to be aware of the apps, texts, and other social media your students are utilizing.
We've developed flyers for parents/guardians with information that is tailored to elementary and middle/high school students. These flyers are aligned to digital citizenship lessons that are being taught in the classroom and provide tips for discussions at home and other online resources. 

Another valuable resource is Unplug to Plug In - an initiative supported by Compact to provide provide parents with simple steps to encourage healthy digital habits and explore opportunities to develop connections, conversations, and a sense of community.

Click the links below to explore the digital safety & citizenship parent flyers and resources.