Returning Students

Returning Student Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is taking place now. Emails with details and student SnapCodes were sent to parents/guardians of returning students on June 22. If you have not completed Returning Student Registration yet, please do so ASAP.

You will need the SnapCode from the email you received to begin the registration process. If you have not received the "Registration and SnapCode Information" email, be sure to check the inboxes of both custodial parents/guardians and check your spam folder. If you don't find the email, please contact the registrar at the school your student will be attending for the 2021-2022 school year. 

To register your student, click on this link: 


If you already have an account, you can sign in and complete the form. (You should use the same account to complete forms for multiple children.) When you have finished entering your information, click “Submit.” This will send all of the information you’ve entered to the school.

You will need to complete this process for each child attending a Pelham City School as the information you provide is specific for each child. This process should be completed ASAP so that class rosters may be created. Students will not be placed on an official class roll until PowerSchool Registration and Proof of Residency are complete.

If you have any technical difficulties, visit or click “Contact Us” from any PowerSchool Registration page.

Important Details:

  • The Alabama State Department of Education is moving every school system in the state to a new student information system starting in the 2021-2022 school year. Our previous system, Chalkable INOW, will be replaced by PowerSchool SIS. For those of you accustomed to accessing student grades via INOW Home, there will be a new process that we will detail later this year. 
  • For now, you should be aware of how this change will affect the online PowerSchool Registration process. Each year, PowerSchool Registration populates your student’s current information, but this state conversion may affect the following for this year’s registration.
  • You may see contacts listed that you no longer list for your student. These historical contacts were imported from Chalkable INOW during our conversion. Please just delete the information for these contacts during your online registration process.
  • The preferred contact order for your student’s contacts may be out of order. After you enter or correct all of the contacts, you will be taken to a page where you can reorder the contacts as you see fit.
  • Any Health information for your student will be blank in the registration portal, so any health information for your student will need to be entered during the online registration process.