Staggered Schedule FAQ (Posted 8/6/20)

When does the Staggered Schedule start?
The staggered schedule for traditional students will begin on the first day of school, August 19. We will follow the staggered schedule for the first four weeks of the academic year.
We will continuously monitor the latest health guidance and the numbers of COVID-19 cases in our area. We will proactively communicate with families when we know if the staggered schedule will be extended or discontinued.

When does my student attend school in person based on the Staggered Schedule?

  •  Students with last names that begin with A-L will be the Green Group. Green Group will attend traditional school on Monday/Tuesday each week. They will take part in remote learning Wednesday/Thursday/Friday each week.  
  •  Students with last names that begin with M-Z will be the Gold Group. Gold Group will attend traditional school on Thursday/Friday each week. They will take part in remote learning Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday each week.  
  •  Students who live in the same household but have different last names may attend school on the Green Group schedule. Parents in this situation must contact school principals to notify them. 
  • Students who have two last names should follow the schedule associated with the first letter of their first last name.
  •  View the academic calendar with Green and Gold Group days noted here

What will a typical week be like for students on the Staggered Schedule?

Click here to view more details about the Traditional/Staggered and Blended/Staggered learning options.  

My family has already selected the Blended Learning option for our student(s). How does it impact my student?

Students will attend blended classes on campus on the dates according to the Green Group or Gold Group Staggered Schedule. Details here.  

My family has already selected the Remote Learning option for our student(s). Does the Staggered Schedule change anything for us? 

No, the Staggered Schedule only impacts students who selected the Traditional or Blended Learning option. Read more about what to expect with the Remote Learning option here.

Will face coverings still be required for all students and staff?

Yes, cloth face masks that cover the nose and mouth are required for all students. The ADPH guidance states that the CDC does not recommend the use of face shields for normal, everyday activities or as a substitute for cloth face coverings. Circumstances may allow face coverings to be removed in certain situations depending on physical distancing, class activities, etc. 

What will the typical class size be when students are in schools utilizing the Staggered Schedule?

Class sizes will vary, but due to the decrease in density of students attending each day, class sizes will be decreased to achieve 6 feet distancing as much as possible. 

Will the Extended Day Program still take place during the Staggered Schedule?

No, the Extended Day will not be offered while the Staggered Schedule is in effect. We will reevaluate the option to open the program in coordination with a change to the Traditional Learning option. 

Can we change from the Traditional/Staggered Schedule to the Remote or Blended Learning option at this time? 

Yes, you can still change to the Remote or Blended Learning option. We ask that families make this decision no later than August 10 so our school staff can finalize plans for students prior to the start of school. Contact the school directly if you are making a request to move to the Remote or Blended Learning option.  

Can we change from the Remote or Blended option to Traditional/Staggered at this time?

If an application has been completed to select Remote or Blended learning, students must stick with that learning option throughout the first semester. There will be an opportunity to change learning option back to Traditional learning for the second semester beginning in January. 

If someone in the class tests positive for COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms, will the class be quarantined? 

Since we will be decreasing the density in our schools with the Staggered Schedule, we expect to create seating arrangements with 6 feet of physical distancing. According to the ADPH guidelines, students will not be considered close contacts if the 6 feet of physical distancing is maintained. Assigned seats and seating charts will be created in all classes and on buses to assist the ADPH in any necessary contact tracing efforts. 

Will we be notified if there is a positive case of COVID-19 in my student’s class?

If the ADPH confirms that a possible exposure has occurred, they will communicate directly with those deemed to have close contact or circumstances that require quarantine. 

My student has an IEP. How will the Staggered Schedule affect their learning plan?

Schools will work with students with individual education and/or health plans to accommodate student needs. Parents should contact their student’s case manager or school administrator with any questions. 

Will my student(s) have access to a Chromebook for learning at home while on the Staggered Schedule? 

Families who chose the Traditional Learning option and need access to a Chromebook for assignments while learning at home will have the option to check out the Chromebook. More details will be provided by the schools during the first week of school. 

How will bus transportation be impacted by the Staggered Schedule? 

As mentioned in our reopening plans, we are encouraging families to provide transportation to and from school, if possible. Bus services will be provided for the Staggered Schedule, but please understand that we will likely not be able to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing on bus transportation. Therefore, if your student rides the bus, there is an increased chance of quarantine if another student on the bus who is in close contact exhibits symptoms or is diagnosed with COVID-19. Remember, a student who has close contact (6/15 rule) with someone who exhibits symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 is subject to quarantine based on the recently released protocols of ADPH.

Will the Staggered Schedule impact sports, band, and other extracurricular activities?

We are working with our band, sports teams, and other extracurricular sponsors to discuss the protocols established by ADPH and how they correlate with the guidance provided by Alabama High School Athletic Association and other pertinent agencies. If those activities are continued at the state level, it should be noted, just as with bus transportation, that those students may not be able to maintain the 6/15 rule in all circumstances. Therefore, if your student participates in these activities, there may be an increased chance of quarantine.

Will meals be available for students on the days when they are not scheduled to be at school? 

Yes, details about purchasing and distribution will be announced prior to the start of school.